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Welcome to the print4pay hotel, a web site and industry designed by Copier and MFP Professionals for the benefit of our colleagues in the copier industry.

The Print4Pay HOTEL was envisioned as a means to satisfy our "Need for Knowledge". We have developed this site Digital Copier & MFP Imaging Specialist to share information and to find answers quickly on our forums.

The Print4Pay HOTEL is a place to store our knowledge, search our knowledge and to share inspirations, ideas and out passion for the industry.

We hope that you find this site useful. We encourage your input and dare you to challenge yourself to be the best in the industry.

This is not a site to prove how smart you are, so don't be afraid to ask questions on the forums or blogs.

If you accept our challenge to become a member, you will find that P4PHOTEL members are some of the brightest and talented Copier & MFP professionals in the industry.

Go ahead register for the forums and with the help of the P4P Hotel you too will be among the elite in the industry.

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