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A Premium Membership with the Print4Pay Hotel can carry you to the top of the sales ladder. 

Over the years, I've always gathered quotes from competitors.  In the beginning it was more of a macho thing, meaning I beat you haha haha.  However, as I matured in my sales career with copier and now MFPs. having competitors quotes handy gave me insight as to how they priced systems, maintenance agreements, supplies and even cost per page agreements.  We know it's a dog eat dog world out there and we need as much ammunition against the competition as we can get!

Quotes from another Dealer or a Direct Branch can sing a thousand words, meaning you get to read and analyze the fine print. Does your competitor include training, shipping, warranty (btw, warranty is huge), and how about ship back of the old unit, loaners, guarantees etc. If you know the weaknesses of your competition they can be beaten. However, if you've never seen their sales agreement, lease nor their quote, how can you pick out a weakness. 

With a Premium Membership, you'll have unlimited access to hundreds of quotes! You'll see the cost per page costs, the lease cost, the purchase cost, what they include and what they don't. Plus, if you're savvy enough you'll be able pick up on weaknesses such as padding of lease rates, vague sales orders and the dreaded reading of the fine print in the sales contract. 

With 33 years of experience in the business, competitive quotes are an excellent resource and a resource no copier/mfp salesperson worth their weight in gold should be with out!  Click here to start your Premium Membership

Access to Competitive Quotes, RFPs, RFQ's, Bids, and Leads and many additional forum features like Competitive Quotes, Proposals & Sales Orders RFP's, RFQ's, & Bids.

You're a  rep that concentrates on Municipalities, Schools, Board of Educations, Federal Government, Colleges or any other business that will put out a request for proposal, request for quote or a bid.

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