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This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the other poll I posted. Management is always pushing for more activity, especially with new prospects that are added to the pipeline.


How many new, first-time appointments do you go on each week?
(8%)    0 Appointment
(31%)  1 Appointments
(23%)  2 Appointments
(15%)  3 Appointments
(8%)    4 Appointments
(15%)  5+ Appointments

Does management approve of this number?
(31%)  Yes
(31%)  No
(38%)  As long as I'm at my quota.

As we all know, monthly quotas never go down, even though per unit revenue continues to decline and capturing new business is more difficult than ever.


What percentage of your monthly sales revenue/unit placements are Upgrades of your existing MIF versus New Logo business?
(11%)  100% New Logo
(11%)  75% New Logo; 25% MIF Upgrade
(11%)  50% New Logo; 50% MIF Upgrade
(67%)  25% New Logo; 75% MIF Upgrade
(0%)  100% Upgrade

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