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Dealer Owner in Kenner, LA

Hey p4p hotel. I just wanted to thank you for your website. I had a deal signed on the 240W and was waiting for the equipment to arrive (some of which was on backorder). In the interval Xerox sent my customer a postcard on the 8830. They were $6000.00 cheaper on the equipment and the customer canceled our order. After reading the information on your site I went back to him with a TCO comparison and got the deal back. Your maintenance figures on the 8830 were right on the money. He was also very impressed with the feature comparison you prepared on the two products. Can't thank you enough!    Dave from Kenner, LA

Dealer in Des Moines, Iowa

We have recently started our social media campaign in our office and our in-house marketing coordinator has now been turned onto your blog.  The past 3 years have been very educational thanks to you and the community you created.

Thanks again
BBC Digital in Australia

I now work for one of the biggest canon dealers in Australia. Yes, I left Lanier in Melbourne after 21 years and I am in Queensland  Australia on the Gold Coast heading up BBC Digtal’s service nationally. Formerly known as Berwicks Gold Coast, we now have six branches Australia wide and aim to become the biggest premium dealer in Australia.

I know you are a very busy man and I need to get all of my people nationally to join and be involved in the best site in the world.
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Dealer In Texas

I think there is quite a bit of valuable information on the site.  I'm impressed at the work put into the site, and the collaboration you have among members to provide all the information.  It was worth my initial investment, so when it expires I'll probably just sign up for the year membership.  Glad I stumbled across your site!  I'm actually now working on a RFP that was listed which is in Texas.  Thanks!