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Wide Format TCO & ROI Spreadsheet
There are eight (8) sheets in this excel spreadsheet, these eight sheets start with Fifteen of the Key Questions to ask when you are about to start a wide format cost analysis for your potential client or an existing client. These 15 Key Questions were developed from my years of sales experience with wide format systems, and the information that is gleaned from the interview with your prospect will give you the data needed to present an ROI sales presentation for your prospect.

ROI Selling

If you could reduce your present costs *save money" and increase your productivity with wide format documents would you buy or lease a new system?  In most cases the answer is YES, from my years of experience it's a "no brainer" as some prospects (now customers)  have stated. I beleive that the ROI presentation is a powerful sales tool and 8-9 prospects will move forward with the purchase or lease after the presentation.

We have three spreadsheets that will show your prospect their total cost of operation for their existing wide format system(s), the first one is used for an "all in" (inclusive) costs, the 2nd Analysis (Analysis with NO maintenance and service) and the 3rd Analysis (Analysis with NO maintenance but includes supplies). This  enables you to have three different ways to present your total cost of operation analysis.  The key to which analysis is presented depends on how your prospects answered to our 15 Key Questions.

Cost Per Square Foot

As of today we've posted square foot ink pricing for the most popular HP Plotters, along with the ink price per square foot we've also listed the MSRP for the print heads that are associated with each plotter.  Along with HP we've developed a short list of ink costs for Canon (in progress) and will expand to Epson plotters in the next few days.

Square Foot Calculator

Another feature of the spreadsheet is out popular square foot calculator, just enter the width and length of the wide format size and our calculator will show the square footage of the document. 

Cut Sheet Bond Paper Pricing

We've also included retail prices and sizes of the most popular wide format sizes used in the AEC industry. Our chart will give you the retail cost for the paper and then break it down the square foot cost.

Diazo Cut Sheet Paper Pricing

Believe it or not there are still many Diazo wide format systems available, our chart will give you the retail cost for the paper and then break it down to the square foot cost.

What's in For Me?

For starters you can't find this type data anywhere on the Internet (one file) except for our file. For years, I've had to scour the Internet for each wide format ROI presentation,  it took me countless hours to find the data I needed for my presentation/proposal.  There are only three OEM (Americas) players in the wide format LED market (Oce, KIP and Ricoh), as the AEC market rebounds there will be countless opportunities for new systems. Our information allows you to build your own custom total cost of operation analysis (in minutes) to upgrade existing ink based plotters to LED MFP plotters (You can even use the spreadsheet for comparing one LED plotter to another).

Our Wide Format ROI spreadsheet is the most comprehensive document for analyzing the total cost of operation for wide format system for our industry.  Once you've met with the prospect and asked the 15 Key Questions you'll be able to distinguish whether this is a prospect that you want to do business with or not (our system will tell you that), if it's a prospect you want to do business with, our spreadsheet will show them that they can have significant savings with a new LED wide format MFP system.

Most prospects who own wide format ink based plotters have no idea to what the cost per square foot is for ink, and I also would bet dollars to doughnuts they don't have a clue of their overall costs to run each plotter.

ROI selling allows you to identify which prospects will get the greatest amount of savings, which enables you to hold margins. When you're holding margins you're holding decent commissions!

Get The Wide Format ROI spreadsheet

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"Profit and margins are not made by waiting for someone to call you for a price on a system, but it is made by digging deeper with the account and asking them "what is this costing you"?"

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